Saturday, January 20, 2007

Interesting Paper on Formula of Concord

One of our contributors, Pastor Ryan Fouts, has posted a paper he prepared for one of his Ph.D. classes. Readers of this blog site will find it very interesting. It has to do with the textual history of the Formula of Concord. Thanks Ryan.


Rev. Ryan Fouts said...

Well, I hope some of the readers find it helpful. I'm certainly willing to entertain any questions or comments either here or back at my blog.

"On the docket" for this Spring is a research oriented independent study wherein I'll be translating the concluding reports from both the March and May meetings at Bergen (the final edits of the Formula). I engage a bit of that material in the paper posted above, but I'm going to probe that matter further. I'll post more (maybe even my translations) and my concluding paper on these reports as it develops.

Paul T. McCain said...

Sounds great Ryan. To whatever extent we can provide all this kind of information in English, that will be enormously helpful. Blessings on your study and research.